Trusted CI Webinar Series

We've launched a webinar series to fulfill our mission of providing readily available cybersecurity services tailored to the NSF science community. 

The webinars are recorded and will be linked to this page for later viewing. Each webinar includes time for questions from attendees. We use Zoom to conduct the webinars.

Upcoming topics are communicated on our blog.  If you have questions or comments after the webinar, feel free post to the discussion mailing list. See our call for presentations to submit a request to present.

2019 Season (registration will be made available two weeks before the event date):

  • October 28th: Legal insights that impact cybersecurity projects with Scott Russell (Registration coming soon)

  • December 9th: The DDIDD project with John Heidemann and colleagues

Recommended Webinar Programs (Other series that may be of interest to our community):

The Washington Area Trustworthy Computing Hour (WATCH) seminar series

InCommon IAM Online Webinar Series

Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Webinar Series

Great Plains Network ENCITE Webinars

Best Practices for HPC Software Developers (IDEAS)

Past Events: 

To view a previous presentation on-demand, click "Watch video". Videos are also available on our YouTube channel.


  • September ’19: Jupyter Security at LLNL with Thomas Mendoza (Video)(Slides)

  • August ’19: Integrity Protection for Scientific Workflow Data: Motivation and Initial Experiences with Anirban Mandal and Mats Rynge (Video)(Slides)

  • July ’19: Ancile: Enhancing Privacy for Ubiquitous Computing with Use-Based Policy with Jason Waterman (Video)(Slides)

  • June ’19: The Trusted CI Framework: Toward Practical, Comprehensive Cybersecurity Programs with the Trusted CI team (Video)(Slides)

  • May ’19: Deployable Internet Routing Security with Amir Herzberg (Video)(Slides)

  • April ’19: REED+: A cybersecurity framework for research data at Purdue University with Preston Smith (Video)(Slides)

  • March ’19: The NSF CC-DNI SecureCloud Project: Autonomic Cybersecurity for Zero Trust Cloud Computing with Casimer DeCusatis (Video)(Slides)

  • February ’19: Anticipatory Cyber Defense via Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning and Simulation by Shanchieh (Jay) Yang (Video)(Slides)

  • January ’19: The Research Security Operations Center (ResearchSOC) with Von Welch and RSOC leadership team (Video)(Slides)


  • December ’18: Best Practices for Academic Cloud Service Providers with Rion Dooley (Video)(Slides)

  • October ’18: Urgent Problems and (Mostly) Open Solutions with Jeff Spies (Video)(Slides)

  • September ’18: SCI Trust Framework with David Kelsey (Video)(Slides)

  • August ’18: NIST 800-171 Compliance Program at University of Connecticut with Jason Pufahl (Video)(Slides)

  • July ’18: Trustworthy Computing for Scientific Workflows with Mayank Varia and Andrei Lapets (Video)(Slides)

  • June ’18: Security Program at LSST with Alex Withers (Video)(Slides)

  • May ’18: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with Scott Russell (Video)(Slides)

  • April ’18: Toward Security-Managed Virtual Science Networks with Jeff Chase and Paul Ruth (Video)(Slides)

  • March ’18: Data Quality & Security Evaluation Framework Dev. with Leon Reznik & Igor Khokhlov (Video)(Slides)

  • February ’18: SMARTDATA Blockchain with Murat Kantarcioglu (Video)(Slides)


  • December ’17: CTSC's Services and Vision with Von Welch (Video)(Slides)

  • October ’17: Cybersecurity in an Open and Decentralized Network with Aashish Sharma (Video)(Slides)

  • September ’17: Demystifying Threat Intelligence with Romain Wartel (Video)(Slides)

  • August ’17: An overview of CTSC Engagements & Application Process with Von Welch (Video)(Slides)

  • August ’17: Stronger Security for Password Authentication with Stanislaw Jarecki (Video)(Slides)

  • July ’17: Inaugural Security Program at Internet2 by Paul Howell (Video)(Slides)

  • June ’17: Provenance Assurance Using Currency Primitives with Anthony Skjellum & Richard Brooks (Video)(Slides)

  • May ’17: Cybersecurity Research: Transition to Practice with Emily Nichols and Alec Yasinsac (Video)(Slides)

  • Apr. ’17: HIPAA and FISMA: Computing with Regulated Data with Susan Ramsey & Anurag Shankar (Video)(Slides)

  • Mar. ’17: SDN and IAM Integration at Duke by Richard Biever & Charley Kneifel(Video)(Slides)

  • Feb. ’17 Practical Cybersecurity for Open Science Proj. by Susan Sons, Craig Jackson, & Bob Cowles (Video)(Slides)

  • Jan. ’17: Open Science Cyber Risk Profile (OSCRP) by Von Welch & Sean Peisert (Video)(Slides)


  • Dec. ’16: NSF CICI Regional Cybersecurity Collaboration Projects (Video)(Slides)

  • Oct. ’16: Science or Security by George Strawn (Video)(Slides)

  • Sep. ’16: Tragedy of the Commons by David Nalley (Video)(Slides)

  • Aug. ’16: The Science DMZ as a Security Architecture by Michael Sinatra, ESnet (Video)(Slides)

  • Jul. ’16: XSEDE Information Sharing with James Marsteller (Video)(Slides)

  • Jun. ’16: Risk Self-Evaluation with CTSC's Terry Fleury (Video)(Slides)

  • May 2016: CCoE Webinar Series Kickoff (Video)(Slides)