Getting Help from Trusted CI

The mission of Trusted CI is to ensure NSF cyberinfrastructure (CI) projects get the guidance they need regarding their cybersecurity challenges. From quick questions to collaborative engagements lasting months, Trusted CI tackles challenges of all sizes. This includes:

  • Getting started - You're running a project and you don't know if you have any cybersecurity issues. Or maybe you have something that makes you nervous, but you don't know where to start. 
  • Asking specific questions - e.g., Should I being using OpenID or Shibboleth? What's a good tool for IDS? How do I check my code for security vulnerabilities?
  • Helping with cybersecurity planning in developing a program.
  • Assessing an existing cybersecurity program.
  • Is the piece of software secure?  Maybe you want a user community to adopt your software but they aren't sure it's secure enough for them. An independent assessment can help.
  • Designing or reviewing a security feature of my software - e.g., you need to allow one user to authorize another user to access their data in a way that doesn't cause your PI to lose sleep about data privacy.
  • Maybe you are developing a new cybersecurity tool or researching a new technique and are looking for someone who could benefit from it. 

Trusted CI can help with any of these things (or anything related to cybersecurity for NSF CI projects).  Feel free to send email to (please identify what NSF project your query is regarding in your email) or use our web-based contact form. NSF CI projects are also welcome to join our email lists and ask questions of Trusted CI staff and other projects there. If you are in the proposal-writing stage, please visit Including Trusted CI in a Proposal.

To apply for a one-on-one engagement with Trusted CI, go here.

Privacy statement: Trusted CI is funded by the NSF and hence needs to report on who we help. We also like to help as many people as we can when we answer your question. When we report to NSF, we will include that we helped your project. We may also sanitize your question and post it and our answer to our blog.  If you have any concerns about the privacy of your question, please state this when you ask.