2016 NSF Cybersecurity Summit for Large Facilities and Cyberinfrastructure

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Theme: Strengthening Trustworthy Science

When: August 16 through August 18, 2016

WhereThe Westin Arlington Gateway near NSF headquarters. A group rate is available for lodging until July 29, 2016. Hotel reservations may be made online

Who: Attendees will include cybersecurity practitioners, technical leaders, and risk owners from within the NSF Large Facilities and CI Community, as well as key stakeholders and thought leaders from the broader scientific and information security communities.

Opportunities to Share: The NSF cyberinfrastructure ecosystem presents an aggregate of complex cybersecurity needs (e.g., scientific data and instruments, unique computational and storage resources, complex collaborations) as compared to other organizations and sectors. This community has a unique opportunity to develop information security practices tailored to these needs, as well as break new ground on efficient, effective ways to protect information assets while supporting science. The Summit will bring together leaders in NSF cyberinfrastructure and cybersecurity to continue the processes initiated in 2013, 2014 and 2015: Building a trusting, collaborative community, and seriously addressing that community's core cybersecurity challenges. 

The Summit seeks proposals for presentations, breakout and training sessions. It offers opportunities for student scholarships. 

If you are interested in presenting at the Summit, please respond to the 2016 Call for Proposals. The Summit organizers welcome proposals from all individuals and agencies. 

For more information, please contact us at: info@trustedci.org

Program: On August 16, the Summit will offer a full day of information security training, with sessions designed for both technical and management audiences. The day kicks off with sign-on and continental breakfast.

August 17 and the morning of August 18 will follow a workshop format with keynotes, panels and significant interaction. Both August 17 and 18 will kick off with sign-in and continental breakfast.

The agenda will be linked above and updated frequently once details become available. 

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Training Slides

Log Analysis Training with CTSC and BRO - Vlad Grigorescu, Warren Raquel, Adam Slagell, Jeannette Dopheide (NCSA)

Federated Identity Management for Research Organizations - Jim Basney (NCSA and University of Illinois / CTSC) & Scott Koranda (Spherical Cow Group / CTSC)

REN-ISAC Cyberthreat Training - Kim Milford and Todd Herring (REN-ISAC)

Developing Cybersecurity Programs for NSF Projects - Bob Cowles, Craig Jackson, Jim Marsteller, Susan Sons (CTSC)

Building a NIST Risk Management Framework for HIPAA and FISMA Compliance - Anurag Shankar (Indiana University)

Secure Coding Practices and Automated Assessment Tools - Prof. Barton P. Miller & Prof. Elisa Heymann (University of Wisconsin /  CTSC)

Securing Legacy Industrial Control Systems - Phil Salkie (Jenariah Industrial Automation)

Building the Modern Research Data Portal Using the Globus Platform - Steve Tuecke (University of Chicago)

Secure Software Engineering Best Practices - Randy Heiland & Susan Sons (CTSC)

Plenary Slides

NSF Address - Irene Qualters, Division Director: ACI

Keynote Address: The Required Wisdom of Crowds - Peter Kuper (In-Q-Tel)

NSF Cybersecurity Center of Excellence - Von Welch (CTSC)

Security at the Texas Advanced Computing Center - Nathaniel Mendoza & Patrick Storm (TACC)

Gemini Observatory Cybersecurity Program - Chris Morrison (Gemini) & Tim Minick (HPM)

Security at LIGO - Abe Singer (NERSC, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory)

The Science DMZ as a Security Architecture - Michael Sinatra (Energy Sciences Network)

Cybersecurity Budgeting - Scott Russell (CACR), Craig Jackson & Bob Cowles (CTSC)

Computing Grid Access with Federated Identity - Mine Altunay & Dave Dykstra (Fermilab)

Provenance Based Security: Toward Building Provenance-Aware Secure Systems - Ragib Hasan (University of Alabama at Birmingham)

GENI Cybersecurity: Mechanism, Policies and Procedures - Vicraj Thomas (BBN Technologies)

Strengthening Trustworthy Science: Ideas for Adapting NIST Risk Management Framework to the NSF Cooperative Agreement for Large Facilities - Tim Howard (NSF) & Steve Barnet (UW - Madison)

FISMA, FERPA and HIPAA, Oh My! - Susan Ramsey (NCAR) & Anurag Shankar (Indiana University)