Trusted CI Email Lists

Trusted CI has launched three email lists to aid members of our communities and others interested in cybersecurity get timely news about cybersecurity incidents impacting widely-used software or services.

We use the Trusted CI Announce List to communicate about timely cybersecurity related events and news of interest to the community at large.  This is a low-volume list that does not support discussions.

The Trusted CI Security Discussion List is for anyone in the community with questions about security or for discussions about cybersecurity (e.g. Trusted CI may discuss the severity of a vulnerability on this list before announcing it on the other two lists). Unlike the announcement lists, discussion is encouraged.  Traffic to this list is currently pretty low, but may change based on community interest and needs.

The Cyberinfrastructure Vulnerabilities List is a moderated list for infrastructure providers (e.g. system administrators, dev-ops) and software developers who would like to receive updates about security issues that may impact your systems and services.  Traffic to this list is low and sporadic -- we'll only email you when there is something to tell you.

The Trusted CI Federated Identity Discussion List is for discussions about the use of federated identity and InCommon in NSF CI projects. Discussion on this list is encouraged. This list is used to poll the community about their needs for federated identity so Trusted CI can represent those needs in aggregate to InCommon and others.