2019 TTP Workshop Agenda (detailed)

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8:00 AM Breakfast and networking

9:00 AM Opening, Overview, and Goals of the Workshop — Florence Hudson

9:15 AM Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Cybersecurity


  • Edward Aractingi, CIO, Marshall University

  • Andrew Keating, Managing Director, Education & Healthcare, Box


  • Jay Yang – Rochester Institute of Technology

    • CyberMPS for Actionable Real-time Predictive Analytics

  • Gang Wang – Virginia Tech

    • Machine Learning Assisted Crowdsourcing for Phishing Defense

  • Jean Camp – Indiana University

    • Machine Learning in Security: Understanding Human Networks

10:30 AM Break and Posters

10:45 AM Cybersecurity Risk Mitigation - Data, Cloud and Cyberinfrastructure


  • Seth Vargo, Developer Relations Engineer, Google

  • Steve Barnet, Senior Systems Engineer, University of Wisconsin - Madison


  • Mayank Varia, Boston University

    • Secure Multi-Party Computation and a Modular Approach to Cloud Security

  • Laura Albert, University of Wisconsin - Madison

    • Cyberinfrastructure Protection

  • Ehab Al-Shaer, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

    • Cyber threat intelligence analytics, mitigation and response automation

12:00 PM Lunch and Poster Session

  • Ahmet Okutan, Rochester Institute of Technology, Research Faculty

    • CyberMPS: Cyberattack, Modeling, Prediction, and Simulation

  • Vafa Andalibi, Indiana University

    • Securtle for Cyber Defense

    • Defending IoT devices and Edge network with Manufacturer Usage Description

  • DongInn Kim, Indiana University

    • Defending against Man In The Middle (MITM) Attacks at the Edge

  • Pablo Moriano, Indiana University, PhD

    • Insider Threat Mitigation

  • Olivia Kenny, Indiana University

    • Who’s Watching Your Child?

    • The Overly Friendly Crockpot

  • Joshua Streiff, Indiana University

    • Why Johnny Doesn’t Use Two Factor

  • Steve Jan, Virginia Tech

    • Connecting the Digital and Physical World for Adversarial Attacks

  • Sri Harsha Kondapalli and Darshit Mehta, Washington University in St. Louis

    • Zero-powered Dynamic Authentication based on Quantum Tunneling Timers

12:45 PM Transition to Practice Success Stories


  • Warren Anderson, LIGO, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee


  • Jim Basney - NCSA UIUC

    • CILogon 2.0 - Integrated Identity & Access Management Platform for Science

  • Robin Sommer - Corelight

    • Enhancing Bro for Operational Network Security Monitoring in Scientific Environments

1:30 PM Human Factors in Cybersecurity


  • Joe Adams, VP Research & Cybersecurity, Michigan Cyber Range, MERIT

  • Paul Vallee, CEO, Pythian and Tehama


  • Aunshul Rege – Temple University

    • Applying a Criminological Framework to Understand Adaptive Adversarial Decision-Making Processes in Critical Infrastructure Cyberattacks

  • Anna Squicciarini - Pennsylvania State University

    • Multiparty Access Control

  • Mohd Anwar - North Carolina A&T State University

    • Improving Employees’ Security Behaviors

2:45 PM Break and Posters

3:00 PM Internet of Things / Cyber Physical Systems / Networking Cybersecurity


  • Chris Sedore, CIO, University of Texas – Austin

  • Wendy Fairfield, SVP Strategy & Operations, Solution Architect, SurePassID


  • Shantanu Chakrabartty – Washington University in St. Louis

    • IOT security solutions based on zero-power timer technology

  • Miroslav Pajic – Duke University

    • Foundations for Secure Control of Cyber-Physical Systems

  • Taejoong (Tijay) Chung – Rochester Institute of Technology

    • Measuring and Improving Management of Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI)

4:15 PM Co-creation next steps and networking

5:00 PM End of Workshop