Trusted CI

The NSF Cybersecurity Center of Excellence

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KINBERCON: April 23rd - 25th
2018 NSF SI2 PI Meeting: April 30th - May 1st
Internet2 Global Summit: May 6th - 9th
PEARC 18: July 22nd - 26th
2018 NSF Cybersecurity Summit for Large Facilities and Cyberinfrastructure: August 21st - 23rd
Webinars: 4th Monday of the month at 11am Eastern

Science and engineering are increasingly reliant on computing, digital data, interoperability, and support for collaboration. Cybersecurity is critical to ensuring the integrity and trust of scientific data as well as interoperability.

However, establishing a cybersecurity program, evaluating and choosing technologies for identity management, authentication, authorization, and auditing are major challenges. Cybersecurity should not dictate how science is done; instead it should support and enable workflows and technology choices made by science teams. Cybersecurity is not a “one size fits all” silver bullet, but instead is a process, carefully tailored to a community to create trust while impacting the work as little as possible.

  Trusted CI  helps create high-quality, trustworthy cyberinfrastructure for National Science Foundation-funded projects, particularly those utilizing grid computing.

Trusted CI helps create high-quality, trustworthy cyberinfrastructure for National Science Foundation-funded projects, particularly those utilizing grid computing.

Scientific cyberinfrastructure brings unique challenges for cybersecurity due to its open nature, use of unique instruments, large and complex data sets, and rich ecosystems of collaboration across countries and between disciplines.

NSF has as a goal the creation of high-quality, trustworthy cyberinfrastructure to support high-quality, trustworthy science. However the community faces a real challenge in accessing needed expertise in a timely fashion.

Trusted CI, the NSF Cybersecurity Center of Excellence is comprised of cybersecurity experts who have spent decades working with science and engineering communities and have an established track record of usable, high-quality solutions suited to the needs of those communities. The team draws from best operational practices and includes leaders in the research and development of new methodologies and high-quality implementations.

Trusted CI addresses the challenge for meeting the needs of individual cyberinfrastructure projects through deep engagements, training, and dissemination of experiences. At the same time, Trusted CI advances the state of cybersecurity practice across the community by analyzing gaps in cybersecurity technology to provide guidance to researchers and developers, addressing the application of software assessment to complicated cyberinfrastructure software stacks, and fostering broadly the transition of cybersecurity research to practice.


Trusted CI’s mission is to provide the NSF community a coherent understanding of cybersecurity’s role in producing trustworthy science and the information and know-how required to achieve and maintain effective cybersecurity programs.

This mission is accomplished through one-on-one engagements with projects to address their specific challenges; education, outreach, and training to raise the state of security practice across the scientific enterprise; and leadership on bringing the best and most relevant cybersecurity research to bear on the NSF cyberinfrastructure research community.

For more information about what Trusted CI does, how it can help your project, the advances it is making in cybersecurity and resources for cybersecurity professionals, please see the links on the left of the page.