HUBzero Engagement

Fall - Winter 2014


From :

"HUBzero® is an open source software platform for building powerful Web sites that support scientific discovery, learning, and collaboration. Some refer to such web sites as “collaboratories” supporting “team science.” We call them “hubs” because each site becomes a focal point for its user community.

Originally created by researchers at Purdue University in conjunction with the NSF-sponsored Network for Computational Nanotechnology to support, the HUBzero platform now supports dozens of hubs across a variety of disciplines, including cancer research, pharmaceuticals, biofuels, microelectromechanical systems, climate modeling, water quality, volcanology, and more."

CTSC has engaged with HUBzero to aid in finding and filling gaps in their existing cybersecurity program.  The CTSC team reviewed existing policy and procedure documentation, providing HUBzero with recommendations for improvement, and is working with HUBzero staff to evolve a currently ad hoc approach to vulnerability management into formal procedures that can be evaluated and iterated on.  Additionally, HUBzero and CTSC are collaborating to formalize the security model that dictates how their CMS product's architecture, configuration, and underlying server configuration work together to provide access control for a hub.