Large Synoptic Survey Telescope Engagement

Summer 2015

At the 2014 Cybersecurity Summit, Don Petravick approached CTSC to assist with developing a new LSST security plan based on CTSC’s “Guide to Developing Cybersecurity Programs for NSF Science and Engineering Projects.”  With a January 2015 deadline to provide a progress report to the NSF, CTSC committed to meet with LSST on a weekly basis through the end of 2014 to help rework their security plan. The effort was extended through the end of January 2015. The LSST team carried out the planning effort, with CTSC acting in an advisory role to align the new LSST plan with the Guide.  LSST’s provided CTSC with a first hand view of the Guide in action,and constructive feedback for future versions. At the completion of the five month engagement, LSST had a revised cybersecurity plan that included a Master Information Security Policy, Acceptable Use Policy, Incident Response Policy and a risk assessment based on the current and planned project environment.