NSF Cybersecurity Summit

Rules and Code of Conduct


The NSF Cybersecurity Summit aims to foster and provide a welcoming environment of mutual respect for all people. We have adopted the following code of conduct to provide guidance to all on the type of behavior that is expected while in attendance of the conference.


  1. All people attending the conference are expected to demonstrate the proper respect for others in attendance regardless of, for example, age, race, gender, or abilities.

  2. Physical, social or sexual harassment, or intimidating behavior will not be tolerated.

  3. Use the restroom facilities for the gender for which you identify yourself.

  4. Weapons are not welcome at the conference.

  5. Illegal drugs are not welcome at the conference.

  6. Smoking is not permitted at the conference as the The Westin Alexandria, where the conference is located, is a 100% smoke free facility.

  7. Attendees will be given access to the conference hotel's WiFi access point. Please use the provided conference networks appropriately and in accordance with their terms and conditions.

  8. Please do not interrupt speakers during presentations. We encourage questions and discussion at the conference, but we ask that you do not interrupt speakers during their presentations unless they have requested it.

  9. Please do not use flash photography during presentations.

  10. There is to be no audio or video recording of presentations.

Violation of these any of these rules may put the attendee at grounds for disciplinary action and/or dismissal from the conference.

If you are an attendee who feels that you have been threatened or have been a victim of or who would like to report a violation of the above rules, please report the incident to one of the following people who are contacts for Trusted CI:

  • Leslee Bohland (lescoope@iu.edu)

  • Jim Marsteller (jam@psc.edu)

  • Von Welch (vwelch@iu.edu)

Version: 2018-08-14