Science Gateway Community Institute

Trusted CI had entered into a collaboration with the Science Gateway Community Institute (SGCI).  Funded by NSF, the SGCI provides services, resources, community support, and education to those seeking to create and sustain science gateways -- online interfaces that give researchers, educators, and students easy access to specialized, shared resources that are specific to a science or engineering discipline.

Through SGCI’s Incubator program, Trusted CI offers specialized engagements, or consultations, to science gateway developers and operators seeking cybersecurity support.  Additionally, Trusted CI presents on relevant cybersecurity topics during SGCI’s “bootcamps.”

Resources offer by Trusted CI include:

  • Cybersecurity checkups: a tailored approach to accessing the maturity of a security program

  • Identity and Access Management: a collection of resurces to improve authentication and authorization

  • Training: providing training on cybersecurity via Science Gateway bootcamps and webinars

  • Providing advice to the SGCI team on protecting their own internal information assets.

Interested science gateway developers and operators interested in obtaining help with cybersecurity should contact SGCI at:

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